Do you have the commitment, the dedication, and the drive to do something great? Have you always wanted to do more for your community, but you didn’t know how or where to start? Have you been longing to take on a new challenge and be a part of something big and impactful, where pride is the reward? By joining our family, you’re afforded the chance to truly make a difference in your community. This is your opportunity to get involved in something rewarding and meaningful. It’s the ultimate service to your community! No one knows the pride, privilege and bravery that come with being a firefighter like your fellow volunteers.


Becoming a volunteer firefighter is not about what you look like, what degree you have, or where you came from. It’s about one thing – Heart! If you’ve got the heart to serve your community, you have just about everything you need to get started. We invite you to join a family that’ll always have your back and provide you with all of the training you need. You’ll learn skills to help your community during fires, medical emergencies, and car accidents, just to name a few. We have opportunities for you! Contact us to learn more!


When you sign-up to be a volunteer firefighter, you’ll receive all the training you need. Volunteer firefighters are not assigned a shift, but are expected to respond from home to emergency calls. You’ll be provided with regularly scheduled training in order to maintain the high level of knowledge, skill, and ability necessary to function safely and effectively as part of our firefighting team. You can rest assured you’re making a huge difference in your community and doing so in the safest way possible thanks to the exceptional training provided to you. You might think at first that you don’t have the time – until you feel the honor of helping out your neighbors in a way that no one else can, when they truly need you. You’ll realize nothing is more worth your time. Meetings, drills, and work nights are held every Monday (excluding holidays) and begin promptly at 7PM.


As a volunteer firefighter, not only do you get the satisfaction of helping others, but you become part of a new family, a brotherhood and sisterhood unlike any you’ve ever known. You’ll develop life experience that will prepare you for any situation, receive training in life-saving equipment and technology, and gain friendships that last a lifetime. Do it for the pride, the honor of it all, and most of all, do it for your community who needs you. You will find it will be one of the best decisions of your life.

Seven out of ten firefighters and emergency responders are volunteer. Nationwide, it’s estimated that volunteer firefighters save the American taxpayer $37.2 billion a year in labor costs. Take the first step. We invite you to contact us or stop by the firehouse after 7PM on any Monday night to learn more.


The best way to see what it’s like to be a volunteer firefighter is to hear the perspectives of people who do it each day. Meet a few folks who serve the community in this unique way and learn what their work is really like.


We invite you to stop by our firehouse and meet us Monday nights after 7PM, or contact us at to learn more.

The Seaville Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company would like to thank the National Volunteer Fire Council for their partnership in providing materials & advertising for our recruitment campaign. We would also like to thank our family members who support us each and every day.